W12mo3cr4W12Mo3Cr4V3N steel is a cobalt free superhard high speed steel. It is a cobalt free superhard high-speed steel developed in China. It has the advantages of higher hardness and better wear resistance than ordinary high-speed steel. It can be used in cold working dies with harsh working conditions

Chemical Composition%)of W12Mo3Cr4V3N Steel Material

Composition design features of W12Mo3Cr4V3N:




High C: C has a decisive effect on the strength, toughness and wear resistance of cold working die steel. With the increase of carbon content, the compressive strength and wear resistance increase. Therefore, the carbon content of impact resistant and high strength and toughness cold working die steel is high.

High V: V can strongly refine the grain, and strongly improve the wear resistance, red hardness and secondary hardening ability. However, excessive content will significantly deteriorate the malleability and grindability.

Containing N: n can refine grains, precipitate and strengthen, and has good mechanical properties and welding properties.

Heat Treatment:



3淬火 回火:


1 softening and degradation: heating temperature 840-860 ℃, holding time 2h, cooling to temperature 500-600 ℃ at cooling rate of 20-30 ℃ / h, then furnace cooling or heap cooling, hardness ≤ 293hbs

2 isothermal annealing: heating temperature 840-860 ℃, holding time 2h, furnace cooling to temperature 740-750 ℃, holding time 2-4h, furnace cooling to temperature 500-600 ℃, outlet air cooling, hardness ≤ 285hbs

3 quenching and tempering:

Preheating temperature 850 ℃, holding time 24s / mm. Quenching heating temperature 1220-1280 ℃, time 12-15s / mm, oil cooling quenching, 530-560 ℃ tempering, tempering 4 times, 1H each time, air cooling, hardness 66-69hrc after quenching and tempering

Features and Application:

W12Mo3Cr4V3N superhard cold work die life than the Cr12MoV, Cr12 common mold life expectancy increased by 3 to 5 times higher than the current ordinary high-speed steel, 2 to 10 times, more significant economic benefits, W12Mo3Cr4V3N steel mold performance equivalent to the international market now 10% Co-containing high-speed steel.

W12Mo3Cr4V3N superhard excellent performance of high-speed steel, suitable for processing cold-working die, blanking die, life is significantly improved. W12Mo3Cr4V3N steel thermal processing more stringent 1220° to 1230 ° C quenching, 550 ° C for 1 hour tempering, cryogenic treatment and then finishing by high hardness, high wear resistance and good toughness can be obtained with the use of the process can also be to the stress of tempering in order to extend the life of the die on a regular basis.