W18Cr4V is a tungsten high speed steel with high hardness, red hardness and high temperature hardness. Its heat treatment range is wide, quenching is not easy to overheat, oxidation decarburization is not easy in the heat treatment process, and grinding performance is good. The hardness of the steel is maintained at HRC63 ~ 64 and HRC62 ~ 63 at 500 ℃ and 600 ℃, respectively. It has good cutting properties for a large number of general processed materials.

Worldwide equivalents of grade W18Cr4V

GradeW18Cr4VHS18-0-1 (1.3355)HS18-0-1SKHSKH2Z80WCV18-04-01BT1HS18-0-1
Chemical Composition of W18Cr4V Steel Material

W18Cr4V Mechanical properties:

YieldRp0.2 (MPa)TensileRm (MPa)ImpactKV/Ku (J)ElongationA (%)Reduction in cross section on fractureZ (%)As-Heat-Treated ConditionBrinell hardness (HBW)
884 (≥)443 (≥)414214Solution and Aging, Annealing, Ausaging, Q+T,etc343

Heat treatment:

(1) forge: 1200~1250 DEG C of heating-up temperatures, 1050~1100 DEG C of initial forging temperatures, final forging temperature 850-900 DEG C, air cooling after forging;

(2) annealing: 900 DEG C of heating-up temperatures, insulation 2~4h, 720 DEG C of isothermal temperatures, are chilled to 500 DEG C with the speed stove of 5~10 DEG C/h, the air cooling of coming out of the stove after insulation 4~6h;

(3) quenching and tempering: 860~870 DEG C of quenching temperatures, oil quenching, then 720-760 DEG C of lonneal 2-4h tempering.

Features and Application

W18Cr4V钢是使用广泛的钨系通用型高速钢,硬度、红硬性及高温硬度较高,易于磨削加工。适用作工作温度在 600℃以下仍能保持切削性能的刀具,如车、刨、铣、铰、拉刀、钻头、各种齿轮刀具及丝锥、板牙等,适于加工软的或中等硬度 (300~320hb以下) 的材料。及制作高温耐磨机械零

W18Cr4V Steel is a widely used tungsten general-purpose high-speed steel with high hardness, red hardness and high temperature hardness, which is easy to grind. It is suitable for cutting tools whose working temperature is below 600 ℃ and can still maintain cutting performance, such as turning, planing, milling, reaming, broach, drill bit, various gear tools, taps and dies. It is suitable for processing soft or medium hardness (below 300 ~ 320hb). And making high temperature wear-resistant mechanical parts

Available Size

Round BarDiameter(mm): 6-800mm ,Length: 1000-9000mm or custom size
Plate/Flat/BlockThickness: 6mm-500mm , Width: 20mm-1000mm or custom size
Tolerance±1%,Thickness: +/-0.02mm, Width:+/-2mm