Mold steel is a material that is used to manufacture molds. Such as cold-punching mold, hot forging die, die-casting mold. Molds are the main processing tools for manufacturing parts in machinery manufacturing, radio instruments, motors, electrical appliances, and so on. The mold quality affects the quality of the processing process, product accuracy, and cost. Besides the structural design and processing accuracy, the mold quality and service life are mainly affected by mold steel materials and heat treatment.

Mold Steel Types

The different molds playing a different role in the production. We need to make it by the requirements of working to meet the needs of hardness, strength, wear resistance, hardenability and more. So the different types of mold steel have different properties. The 3 main types of Mold Steel :

  • Cold Rolled Mold Steel
  • Hot Rolled Mold Steel
  • Plastic Mold Steel