Cr12W is a kind of wear-resistant cold working die steel, which has the characteristics of high hardenability, hardenability, strength and toughness, wear resistance and small quenching volume deformation.

Worldwide equivalents of grade: Cr12W

Chemical Composition of Cr12W Steel Material%

Heat Treatment 


800 to 850°C

Slow con trolled cooling in furnace at a rate of 10 to 20°C/hr down to approx. 600°C, further cooling in air.

Hardness after annealing: max. 250 HB

Stress relieving

650 to 700°C

Slow cooling in furnace; intended to relieve stresses set up by extensive machining, or incomplex shapes.

After through heating, hold in neutral atmosphere for 1 to 2 hours.


950 to 980°C

Oil, salt bath (220 to 250°C or 500 to 550°C), air plast, still air. Holding time after temperature equalization: 15 to 30 minutes. Obtainable hardness: 64 – 66 HRC.

Special treatment: Hardening 1020°C and tempering at 500°C.

Obtainable hardness approx. 61 HRC (e.g. if followed by nitriding).


Slow heating to tempering temperature immediately after hardening/time in furnace 1 hour for each 20 mm of workpiece thickness but at least 2 hours/cooling in air. For certain cases we recommend to reduce tempering temperature and increase holding time.

Features and Application



Cr12MoV die steel has higher hardenability, hardness, strength and toughness after quenching and tempering than Cr12. Workpieces with diameter less than 300 ~ 400mm can be completely quenched, with small quenching deformation, but poor high-temperature plasticity.

Cr12MoV is mainly used to manufacture hybrid molds and tools with large section, complex shape and heavy workload. Such as punching die, trimming die, edging die, steel plate, etc.

Available Size

Round BarDiameter(mm): 6-800mm ,Length: 1000-9000mm or custom size
Plate/Flat/BlockThickness: 6mm-500mm , Width: 20mm-1000mm or custom size
Tolerance±1%,Thickness: +/-0.02mm, Width:+/-2mm

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