Cr4W2MoV steel is a new type of medium alloy steel cold working die steel with relatively stable performance. Its die service life is greatly improved compared with Cr12 and Cr12MoV steel.

Worldwide equivalents of grade: Cr4W2MoV

/ChinaItalyGermanyUSASouth KoreaRussia
Chemical Composition of Cr4W2MoV Steel Materialω/%
1.12~ 1.250.40~ 0.70≤0.403.50~4.001.90~2.000.80~1.200.80~1.10≤0.030≤0.030


Mechanical Propoerties of Cr4W2MoV Steel

Tensile Strength
Impact Energy
Elongation at Fracture
Reduction in Cross Section on Fracture
Impact toughness value αkv (J/cm2)Hardness(Brinell)
≥ 902(85)≥ 941(100) ≥ 24≥ 41≥ 23≥ 88≤ 431

Physical Properties of Cr4W2MoV Steel:

Critical temperature of Cr4W2MoV steel

critical pointAc1AcmAr1Ms
Temperature (approximate) / ℃795900760142

Heat Treatment:






It is difficult to soften the steel after annealing, and isothermal spheroidizing annealing is generally used.

Annealing process:

The heating temperature is 850 ~ 870 ℃, the holding time is 4 ~ 6h, the isothermal temperature is 760 ℃, the holding time is 6 ~ 8h, the furnace is cooled to below 600 ℃, the furnace is discharged for air cooling, and the hardness is 229hbw.

The quenching heating temperature is 960 ~ 980 ℃, oil cooling or air cooling, and the hardness is 62Hrc; The tempering temperature is 280 ~ 300 ℃, tempering for 3 times, 1H each time. Tempering hardness: 60 ~ 62Hrc.

The die steel with high temperature quenching and high temperature tempering (1030 degree quenching and 520 degree tempering for three times) has high wear resistance and thermal hardness. The die with lower temperature quenching and lower temperature tempering (900 ~ 980 ℃ quenching and 200 ~ 290 ℃ tempering) has good strength and toughness.

Features and Application:



The main characteristics of Cr4W2MoV steel are fine eutectic carbide particles, uniform distribution, high hardenability and hardenability, and good wear resistance and dimensional stability.

The steel has narrow hot working temperature range and large deformation resistance. The practical application shows that Cr4W2MoV steel is a cold working die steel with good performance. It can be used to manufacture all kinds of dies, cold upsetting dies, blanking dies, cold extrusion concave dies, filigree plates and other tools and dies.

Available Size

Round BarDiameter(mm): 6-800mm ,Length: 1000-9000mm or custom size
Plate/Flat/BlockThickness: 6mm-500mm , Width: 20mm-1000mm or custom size
Tolerance±1%,Thickness: +/-0.02mm, Width:+/-2mm

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