Cr6wv is a medium alloy cold working die steel with good comprehensive properties. The steel has small deformation, good hardenability, good wear resistance and certain impact toughness.

Worldwide equivalents of grade Cr6WV

Chemical Composition of Cr6WV Steel Material

Physical Properties of Cr6WV Steel

Critical temperature of cr6wv steel

critical pointAc1AcmAr1ArmMsMf
Temperature (approximate) / ℃815845625775150-100

Linear expansion coefficient of cr6wv steel

Temperature / ℃100~250250~350350~600
Expansion coefficient / ℃ – 110.3×10﹣610.3×10﹣610.3×10﹣6

Heat Treatment




General annealing after hammering: the heating temperature is 830-850 ℃, the furnace is cooled to below 550 ℃, the furnace is air cooled, and the hardness after annealing is 229hbw.

Isothermal annealing process after hammering: heating temperature 830-850 ℃, isothermal temperature 700-720 ℃, furnace cooling to 550 ℃, outgoing air cooling, hardness ≤ 229hbw, annealing metallographic structure is fine-grained pearlite + carbide.

After quenching and low-temperature tempering (960 ~ 980 degrees oil quenching, 200 ~ 300 degrees tempering), it contains about 8% ~ 10% carbide and 15% ~ 20% retained austenite. The tempering temperature is 150 ~ 170 ℃ and the hardness is 62 ~ 63hrc; Tempering is 190 ~ 210 degrees and hardness is 58 ~ 60HRC.

Features and Application


Cr6wv steel is widely used to manufacture molds with high mechanical strength, certain wear resistance and impact load, such as drill sleeve, cold stamping die and punch, trimming die, embossing die, thread rolling die, thread rolling plate, block gauge, etc.

Available Size

Round BarDiameter(mm): 6-800mm ,Length: 1000-9000mm or custom size
Plate/Flat/BlockThickness: 6mm-500mm , Width: 20mm-1000mm or custom size
Tolerance±1%,Thickness: +/-0.02mm, Width:+/-2mm

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